Social Studies

The following activities and graphic organizers were designed with certain grade levels in mind. You can modify most to fit your grade level or subject area, if you wish. Simply open the document, select "File," and either make a copy or download it as a Word document. If you have any questions, please email:

Enduring Issues Graphic Organizer

Students log a variety of current events and look for enduring issues. This builds executive function skills as students search for similarities and differences, then synthesize information.

Enduring Issues GrOrg SHARED

Historical Analyses of Primary and Secondary Sources

Students go beyond identifying a source as primary or secondary. With this tool, they conduct an in-depth analysis of the author's perspective, the historical era, and the structure of the document.

Primary Source

Historical Analysis of Primary Sources (SHARED)

Secondary Source

Historical Analysis of Secondary Sources (SHARED)

9-Box Grid — The Articles of Confederation

The 9-Box Grid allows you to provide learning opportunities that are differentiated by both readiness level and learning style.

Middle School 9-Box Grid - Articles of Confederation (SHARED)