Multi-Purpose Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizers are great for having students grapple with information. Here are some that you can either print and use as-is or make a copy, move to your own drive, and edit to meet your students' needs.

Multiple Perspectives

Consider a life event and how four different people viewed the situation; then apply this same analysis to an event in a text.

Multiple Perspectives GrOrg SHARED


Synthesizing requires students to process multiple pieces of information, often from a variety of sources. In this sample, students are asked to use three pieces of information to create a synthesis. You can increase the number of sources based on the needs of your students.

Synthesis (SHARED)

Accountable for Accurate Knowledge

This graphic organizer supports students in gathering accurate knowledge and supporting it with evidence. Also, students identify how their points, although supported with evidence, might be countered by other evidence.

Accountable for accurate Knowledge (SHARED)