Math Activities

The following activities and graphic organizers were designed with certain grade levels in mind. You can modify most to fit your grade level or subject area, if you wish. Simply open the document, select "File," and either make a copy or download it as a Word document. If you have any questions, please email:

Integer War

A card game for two players, similar to War. Kids will build math knowledge and cooperation skills, too!

Integer War SHARED

Observe Everything

Students stop and observe their surroundings, draw what they see, and apply mathematical concepts to explain what they see. Try it out weekly or daily and in different areas to see math come to life!

Observe Everything and Connect it to Math SHARED

Solving Math Word Problems

Students of all ages benefit from thinking out and planning how to solve word problems.

Math Problem Solving GrOrg SHARED

Categorization Number Sense

Numbers have many properties. How many ways can students categorize these numbers based on their various characteristics?

Categorization - Number Sense (SHARED)

9-Box Grid Counting by 10s

The 9-Box Grid allows you to provide learning opportunities that are differentiated by both readiness level and learning style.

Primary 9-Box - Learning to Count by 10s

Totally 10 Linear Equations

Adapted from the work of Dr. Diane Heacox, Totally 10 encourages student choice while at the same time promoting academic rigor.

Totally 10 - Linear Equations - SHARED